Our Mission

Our mission is to create a fun, safe, and constructive after-school environment for children in the Naperville and surrounding areas - the Boys and Girls Club of the Naperville Area.

Founder Sherid Smith

My life has been devoted to education, with over 40 years servicing children in multiple school systems. My belief, that each child possesses a limitless field of potential, has served to guide my efforts as a mainstream education teacher, a special education teacher and special education administrator. As a special education administrator I developed the ability to assess the academic, emotional and social needs of the individual child, carefully crafting a sound academic plan and creating a nurturing environment where true learning can take place. My teams have been able to bring hope, learning and possibility into many young lives and much needed assistance to the concerned parent. After retirement, I was unable to rest. I continued to champion the overall development and academic learning of children by starting a daycare in Naperville. Through this practice I have successfully implemented early intervention and targeted programming, teaching children to read by age three.

Recently, I led a multi-disciplinary team to conduct a study to assess the need of a Boys and Girls Club in the Greater Naperville Area (Lisle, Naperville and Aurora). The results of the study indicated that schools were experiencing some of the same hardships in meeting the needs of at-risk children as schools in underserved communities. The assumption that the wealth of a community mitigates the level of need for community services was contributing to a growing number of academically neglected youth. There is evidence of a growing population of “invisible” students experiencing economic hardship lacking access to academic and social supports currently in place for their higher performing peers. As a 25+ year Naperville resident, I am proud of the numerous and multifaceted successes our Community has attained and it is important that we do not miss this opportunity.

On January 20, 2009, I reaffirmed my commitment to school age youth by founding the new Boys and Girls Club
of the Greater Naperville Area. This Center will hold a special promise in servicing young people in the area. Our Mission is to afford all young people the opportunity to reach their full potential as caring, proactive, productive and responsible citizens.

These objectives will be supported through a comprehensive approach to include tutoring, instruction in study
skills, group management, fine arts, safe place for latch key children and a golf program. Please consider participation in our efforts to implement these services in our community. Continue to read and select a Sponsorship Level to support our campaign. If you have questions, please contact Andrea Wukitsch, Co-Chair Annual Gala at (630) 340-4040. This information is also available electronically on our website http://www.bgcna.org.

We thank you in advance for your interest in partnering with us to enhance the lives of our most precious resource, children.
Sincere regards,
Sherid Ann Smith

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